Our diversified team treats conditions such as women's health issues, fertility, pregnancy related concerns, stress, sports injuries, neck and low back pain, migraines, sinus congestion, and accident related injuries.  Our goal is to not only help clients with their ailments, but to promote a sense of peace and relaxation that can extend into their daily lives.  

157_JP_Flower_1.JPG Jeneanne Paden, L.Ac. is available Monday through Saturday. With respect to insurance, she would be considered an "out of network" provider.

Jeneanne graduated magna cum laude from San Diego's Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1998. She spent her first two years training and focusing her practice on orthopedic acupuncture, but soon fell in love with her fertility clients and decided to focus her practice on helping men and women start or add to their families.

By 2003, Jeneanne had established excellent relationships with several fertility specialists in San Diego and Orange County, and she opened the Acupuncture Fertility Center. Since then, she and her colleague, Renee Walker, L.Ac., have worked with thousands of men and women with various fertility difficulties to help stabilize hormone levels, reduce stress and improve reproductive health.

Experienced in techniques to relax, nourish and prepare the body for conception, Jeneanne's unique style is specifically designed to quiet and focus the mind in order to encourage blood flow to the internal organs.

Jeneanne can be contacted directly at (858) 546-1530 or via e-mail at

176_1.JPG Renee Walker, L.Ac. is currently out on maternity leave. Jeneanne is available until Renee is back. With respect to insurance, she would be considered an "out of network" provider.

Renee recieved her BS in biology from New Jersey's Rutgers University and her Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine from San Diego's Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Practicing acupuncture since 2002, Renee is experienced in the treatment of musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders, as well as women's health and fertility related difficulties. She has been part of the Acupuncture Fertility Center family since 2007 and works closely with San Diego's top fertility specialists.

Renee can be contacted directly at (858) 546-1530

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