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What to Expect During Your Treatment 

Depending upon whether or not you have had acupuncture before and how many questions you have, your initial visit will take aproximately 1 1/2 - 2 hou rs.

Your acupuncturist will lead you to a private room where she will talk with you about acupuncture and what to expect, then you will spend  time discussing your specific situation. Once a treatment plan is established, you will have your first treatment.

Your treatment will consist of acupuncture, there may be some heat therapy, there will be some light massage, and we may incorporate relaxation and visualization techniques to help get you into a deep state of relaxation. Our technique is specifically designed to reduce stress and get you out of your "fight and flight" mode so we can encourage blood flow to the internal organs.

Subsequent visits take 1 - 1 1/2 hours depending upon your individual needs and treatment protocol.  Your acupuncturist may also incorporate electro-acupuncture, cupping or moxa treatments as needed.

With the exception that they penetrate the skin, acupuncture needles are nothing at all like the hypodermic needles we are all familiar with.  They are extremely thin, sterile, single use needles that should not be painful.  Many of our clients have commented that they don't even feel the needles being inserted.

Different from massage, acupuncture can be even more relaxing because you are not constantly being touched.  This allows you to come out of your "fight and flight" mode so your body can enter into a deep state of relaxation.  The light massage, the soothing music and the visualization techniques you will experience during your treatments are all designed to reduce stress and allow your mind to rest and focus.

After your treatment you may feel very relaxed, and most people report getting a good night's sleep.  If you have any questions about your treatment at anytime, we encourage you to ask or call us.  We are here for you.

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