Referrals - How to Find a Fertility Acupuncturist

I get asked for referrals from people all over the country, and I wish I knew more acupuncturists!

Here are a few suggestions for how to locate an acupuncturist in your area who specializes in fertility:

1. Referral From Someone You Know - this is typically one of the best sources, because someone you know and trust is likely to refer you to someone they know and trust.  If at all possible, get a personal referral.

2. Fertility Support Groups - RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association  has local fertility support groups all over the country.  Here in San Diego, our local group is called the San Diego Cookies Support Group.  These are women who are dealing with various fertility issues, and they are here to help each other.  Ask for a referral.

3. Continuing Education Groups - Two groups that provide continuing education and certifications to acupuncturists who wish to learn more about infertility and how to treat it are The Fertile Soul and ABORM.  Both groups can provide lists of practitioners who have been through more extensive fertility training than what is taught in acupuncture school. There are many well educated and well practiced practitioners who's names are not on these lists, but if you don't know where to start, this is a good place.

4. Assisted Fertility Centers - Whether you are thinking of IUI, IVF or simply trying to conceive naturally, contact fertility centers in your area and ask them if they are currently working with any acupuncturists.  Often times they can provide you with a referral list.

5. Your Doctor - Ask your OB/Gyn or primary care physician for a referral.  Acupuncture continues to be more and more accepted in the medical community, and many western physicians have established relationships with acupuncturists and naturopaths.

6. Internet Search - If none of these other options work for you, a starting point might be a search on's database of acupuncturists.  You will need to do some follow up to make sure the practitioner you choose works with fertility, but if you are in a smaller town, this might get you headed in the right direction.

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