Diagnosed with PCOS? Food Matters

Sometimes I run across web sites that have good information I enjoy reading, then there are sites that are so well done I just have to share.  I have no affiliation with, but I wanted to share their site with you.  What caught my eye initially was this article on PCOS and acupuncture, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find excellent dietary and lifestyle information.

The food we put into our bodies affects us in ways we don’t even realize.  If you think about it, we are a sack full of chemical reactions – continuous processes that affect everything from our energy to our hormones to our wellness.  What you eat and what you feed your family shows up in how you feel, how you behave, the health of your skin, hair, nails.  It also affects what we don’t see, like our heart, liver, digestive system and fertility potential.

Changes you make in your diet, even small changes like eliminating fast food or soft drinks, can produce enormous positive results. We had a client in 2012 who came to see us because she and her husband wanted to “get healthy”.  She suffered from PCOS, and he was trying to improve his energy and find his 6-pack (his abs).  This couple was also considering starting a family, but not right now because she was still struggling with PCOS.  Here’s what she had to say about the dietary changes they made…

“I struggle with PCOS, yet I don't struggle with my weight, so I was confused as to how to tackle this insulin resistance. These two have myself AND my husband moving forward on a plan to get us healthy and prepared - when we want to have babies in a year or so, I'll probably be able to JUST through diet and nutrition! They have been such a huge source of encouragement for us, looking at the changes I have to make as a positive thing rather than a restriction. They spend TIME with us and never check the clock. I really feel like our time together is so genuine. What a blessing to be around healthcare professionals who care ... to the core. Looking forward to benefiting from her acupuncture skills down the line.”

Guess who got pregnant on their own when they weren't even expecting it?

Food matters.  Lifestyle matters.  Exposure to environmental toxins matters.  You have the power to control these variables.  You have the power to make a change.  And remember, even if you can't see it, each small change you make, each iced tea instead of a Coke, each apple instead of a bag of chips, each time you cook at home instead of going out, each time you park at the end of the parking lot instead of near the door, each and every one of these small changes, these choices, matters.  They're yours to make.

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