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SpermCheck® Fertility Home Test for Men

There is a new product in stores (Walgreens & CVS) called SpermCheck® Fertility that allows men to check their sperm count in the privacy of their own home.

The reason this is so exciting is that most men aren't checked for fertility problems until after the woman has already gone through extensive testing and perhaps even costly procedures. Given the fact that up to half of the fertility related difficulties couples experience can be attributed at least in some part to male factor problems, early testing is critical.

Women regularly visit their gynecologist, and typically any fertility related problems begin to be addressed here. Men don't have this same opportunity, so they tend to fly under the radar. If no one suggests testing (and who would suggest testing if they're not seeing a doctor for fertility?) they don't get a semen analysis. When someone finally does suggest an analysis, many men are reluctant. Women are used to being poked and prodded and checked down there, but men aren't, and the thought of going to a doctor to give a sperm sample can make a man feel embarrassed and sometimes even emasculated. Being able to start the process of simply ruling things out from home is a promising step.

It is important to keep in mind that the test only measures normal or low sperm count. The test won't detect problems with morphology or motility. So, while this is a good first step, a "Normal" reading should still be followed up with a lab analysis to rule out any other problems. If there is a problem with sperm count, this test offers the opportunity to catch it earlier in the process. Often, supplementing the diet with formulas designed to improve sperm quality can be all that is needed.

For more information: Richmond Times-Dispatch Article

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